Founding location
Rehetobel 1985

We continuously set new goals to further ourselves, improve quality and meet our clients expectations.

Optiprint was founded in 1985.

Accumulative we have hundreds of years experience inhouse. Some of the original team is still with us. We operate under the slogan "100 yeas of PCB experience".

Utilizing the best machine park available and without any mishap we started our production. The location was originally in an old weaving mill in Rehetobel.

We were forced to rent production space elsewhere due to increased demands from a worldwide leading company with technologically advanced requirements.

In 1998 we set ourselves free and moved into our new location in Berneck. In 2013 a large extension to the building resulted in the now existing Optiprint facility.

Optiprint has currently about 120 employees. Privately held, with majority ownership and managed by founding family members. All watch delighted how Optiprint's products reach all corners of the world - and now even in outer space.

We are very proud to produce solutions for leading companies and many industries worldwide. (Confidentiality reasons do not permit us to share details.)

Our tradition is successfully continued by a second generation since 2000.

Kurt Etter

PS: By now we have more than one thousand years of experience in PCB manufacturing

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